Entry #2


2014-03-23 15:31:02 by Wolfdare

Hey guys, for all who care about updates (which is no one) here's some updates anyways!

I'm still seeking voice acting oppertunties! If interested, shoot me a messgae or skype me (My skype is twolfcomics)

Speaking of which Deadliest Catch: Mermaids by stawberrykiller6789 is a rercant project I voice acted for. It's interesting to say in the least XD 


Next is Freaksout! Episode 2. The script is out and it'll hopefully be done soon.

For animations, I'm working on Maple animating for the first time... It's shitty. BUT I will still try.

Another animation coming up is a 300 subscriber special for my youtube account. It'll be a bunch of funny audio animated. XD

Art wise. I'm working on a new series called After Math. Not gonna tell you guys what it is about though c:

Anyways! Thanks for the love and support and stay awesome!



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2014-03-23 18:00:38

Wow that's alot of work

Wolfdare responds:

Yep XD

Plus college XD


2014-04-30 21:57:01

Keep working on your animations and your other endeavors, and soon more people will care than you know ;)


2014-05-24 15:49:38

Make a voice demo reel and upload it to the Audio Portal. That's one of the first things people look for, and that's the first place they look. :)


2017-09-24 00:37:21

do you still voice act?